Sunday, August 21, 2011

My hearts belongs in Thailand

Day 1:
so we have been traveling for 3 days, i woke up Tuesday slept for an hour got on a plane on Wednesday at 2 am and now I'm in Phuket Thailand but its 1 am Friday morning so I'm not so sure where Thursday went but its Friday apparently.

so the first thing that welcomes me and Maddie into our wonderful room is a cockroach the size of both of my big toes put together.. then we have the most wonderful spider web that drapes across our entire bathroom, after standing naked outside our shower for 30 minutes trying to get the water somewhere between scalding and freezing i gave up and took a coldish shower.
our hotel

me and Nat driving to the school!! were so excited!! 
drove to BANTHAMTHONGLANG school and this is where my soul became accustom to living. and loving. and never leaving.

opening ceremonies, beautiful little girls did beautiful Thai dancing for us.
I'm a little overwhelmed at this point! A) because they all look like the same kid to me and B) because i cant believe I'm actually in Thailand!!

we did the cupid shuffle got a buddy, my buddy well her name was noon, how i know this well its definitely not from my Thai speaking skills, because I'm pretty sure i spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to say Kuhn chi arai turns out, i couldn't say it, then turns out she can say "my name is noon" in English. that's embarrassing.

me and noon i am in love with her

Maddie and pra, i promise the kids don't hate us as much as they look like they do in the pictures.

Noon was attached to my hand or my waist the whole day after she warmed up to me of course she has a smile that melts your heart, we played games forever tried a whole ton of interesting foods, SOME good, ALOT not so good.

we were laughed by 12 year olds at our attempt to speak Thai... got taught Thai dancing.. were not so good. its very delicate dainty and feminine.. but beautiful. met some crazy 4 year olds. Tasmanian devils in training. its like a swarm of ... something... toddlers? yeah you walk past the door and instantly have 12 stuck to you!

the play ground before we fixed it [:

 and after my most enormous hug from noony we left to hike to the top of mount Everest Thailand version of course. 900 steps up steep jungle matter, take your shoes off. 900 steps more into a a sparkling cave !! beautiful views !! i seriously love it here its gorgeous!! it started pouring on us on the way down didn't make much difference though considering we were sweating bucket loads. i thought it was scary climbing up? fail . its nothing compared to climbing down. 

 Me Vay, and Nat
and then home .. well at least what we called home for 3 weeks. where we learned how to say poop in Thai, ate some more rice. swam in a pool. showered, did you know that even your elbows sweat in Thailand?

quote of the day, Taylor (me): " we don't skinny dip we chunky dunk"-
day one over and accomplished!

is it not the most beautiful place you have ever seen ??