Friday, September 24, 2010

Traveling Finally

Every shooting star,
Every bridge i go under, 
Every 11:11 on the clock,
i wish for one thing.
to be able to accomplish all that i want to.
It covers quite a broad  number of things.
that's because I'm extremely indecisive. & i want to go too many places to wish it all in .3 seconds.
well, wishes come true. This post explained my goal and desire to travel the world, and my first opportunity just unfolded into my hands, I applied for This program, so by June 2011 i will be in Thailand !! I'm so excited i almost cried!! i feel like a little kid on Christmas, well any kid on Christmas. Time wont go by fast enough. 
I finally get my own pictures of the most adorable little kids

 beautiful places
and the most incredible life changing experiences,
I get it, for me, i don't have to want it so desperately through others, and before my time in gorgeous Thailand, i get to do 80 hours of community service, most of which i will do with my "little".
 i think i am starting to realize that as i am struggling through my life, and trying to figure out who i am, while it seems others have it so figured out, i just need to serve, to stop thinking about my self and do things for other people and then i will find who I am..
Someday i
 Will go to Africa
 will have my own curly head kids
 will be wise and have served many
will do these things. someday.
have an exciting Friday, lots of adventures lie ahead.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Your Life, Your Last day

Two books i just finished.
1.)  Before i fall
    - Sam dies,
 that day she was mean to her family,
 and a girl at school,
 after she dies she wakes up the next day,
relives that same day,
the same way though,
 she dies again and wakes up ... again,
 she does this for seven days, but by the third day she starts to realize whats important and changes the way that last day of her life happens, it makes me wonder,
 if today were my last day,
would i be happy with the way i lived it ?

2.)  Crank
             - Bree,
from a broken
 family goes to live
 with her dad and ends
up meeting a boy who does
meth, she tries it, gets hooked
and her life goes down hill from there,
it was written by her mother based on a true story,
 all about her struggles and journey on this drug,
she ends up pregnant in the end and the
sequel goes on to the next part of
her life, I'm stoked to read it,
 it was so real and raw,
  beautifully written
 all in poetry.

a good friend and neighbor took his own life, he had children and a loving wife, they    were always so happy, i don't understand.. i cant even imagine the call your father took his life, or imagine the heartbreak and grieving this family is going through, as i was telling my mom this today, she said you can imagine because you have been there, but i haven't, my dad fought for me and my family, he died a hero and yet i still get angry he left. i cant bear the anger and emotion i would be filled with if he intentionally left me.. my prayers go out to this family.

so strongly
ties into the book
"before i fall" is today
the day you would want to
 remember as your last, i know
today would definitely not be the one
 for me,    so as my dad taught I'm going to
 live each moment to the fullest of my ability,
don't wait to follow what your heart desires do it now..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Am

-I am a freshman
-I am Tired
-I am Homesick
-I am full of anxiety
-I am a virgin
-I am weak
-I am insecure
-I am confused
                This Week I
             -I got a parking violation
             -I got a speeding ticket
             -I havent even gotten my first pay check
             -I have been frustrated
             -I have been rushed
             -I dont feel at home
             -I missed all my friends
             -I broke out
                                  Tomorow I
                            -I will have a good day
                            -I will be happy
                            -I will not be homesick
                            -I will feel good
                            -I will talk to a stranger
                            -I will make someones day
                                                               I AM
                                                    -I am a freshman
                                                    -I am Beautiful
                                                    -I am well
                                                    -I am strong
                                                    -I am confident
                                                    -I am a virgin
                                                    -I am a Dancer
                                                    -I am an aunt
                                                    -I am recovering
                                                    -I am a friend
                                                    -I am Imperfect
                                                    -I am ME
                                                    -I am Taylor
                                                    -I am not going down

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week [ends]

1st week [end] at college packing and unpacking
2nd week [end] at college cliff jumping !
3rd week [end] at college go camping and home.

a few things i have come to realize.
1.) I'm obviously a freshman because i still call life and school "college".

2.) My sister is the most beautiful, kindred spirit, she is brilliant and remarkable, i look up to her like she would not believe, and she has one of the most amazing spirits anyone could ever have she is so incredibly strong and talented. and i love her with all my heart Maddie is and will always be my best friend. 

3.) Don't ride a motorcycle without proper gear, i would have been dead if it wasn't for my helmet which i put up such a fight to wear. None the less i ended up running through, not past not into but THROUGH a tree & i have wonderful battle wounds to show for it.

4.) Camping isn't "camping" unless you have a "dirtstache" & "dirtunobrow" to show for it.

5.) The cemetery is now a place of solitude, not fear, there i had a long talk with my dad a good cry and a nap afterwards.

cliff diving
dirt staches
     The [end] of this week came swiftly but... i realized alot of things i didn't before, and i got to the point where i miss my family ALOT, but i also realized I'm growing up and i am learning new things everyday that are helping me in the process.
have a wonderful week...