Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I'm extremely happy, the sun beats down on my face,
on my whole body, it feels incredible.
upset.. a little, the last place i want to be is class, 
I'm too warm to be cooped inside.
i want to be out laying in the sun,
i want to run and have nothing holding me back,
no huge fat tests to study for,
i need to be floating on a big ship in the ocean,
 not writing a 10 page paper.
no finals to start thinking about,
thin, my patience is growing for school.
stop eating. and look outside the window,
at the beauty and light that awaits out side 
breathe in the sweet smells of springtime, 
I never thought i would  get to summer.
why did you take so long to come,
you let me be weak enough to let it finally come
take over me again,
let the sunshine fill me with power,
with energy. take over every ounce of my being,
I'm tangled, very tangled in conflicting thoughts,
the spring brings about so many emotions,
excitement for what is to come,
and the gift of patience, till it arrives.
let it be, let it be. its going to happen.
give it time.
embrace it and be happy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break.

so this term usually means something fun and exciting.
 well to most college students,
but i opted for the path of least partysistence..
OK so i went home.. too the cold.. why ? don't ask. because i seriously have no answer.
and then i-
spent sometime with Meranda and baby tae, (named after me) (:
went to basketball,(long story follows this)
went to Tepanyaki (DELISH)
saw 'The Adjustment Bureau' (favorite movie of all time.) i highly recommend,
became more amazed by Karen Carpenter.. i watch a video of her every day..
critiqued a dance team, (i seriously miss dancing)
Had an amazing fun sleep over with Nat who i love![:
then spent 2 whole ENTIRE days at dance competition, the only difference was this year all i did was watch since I'm not on the comp teams anymore,
and visited my favorite family in the whole world! the Bassett family and got the most exciting news ever ! they are having another baby!!
 i am in love with babies! well all kids really, unless their evil, then I'm not a huge fan.
Ok well, the end.
Only 6 weeks left of school !

Friday, March 11, 2011

Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter,
is my idol, she is so beautiful ,
and incredible, i look up to her so much, and i cant believe she is gone.
i watched the Karen Carpenter Story and i cried, this world lost something so beautiful and truly amazing,
In voice I'm singing, "(they long to be) Close To You" its so beautiful, it makes me feel so much closer to her and i want to meet her, in the next life of course [:

who are your idols?
have a wonderful weekend!!

oh and i have  a date tonight...
yay! with my home teacher?
 is that weird. nah he is cute [: hahah

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Viva ... Las Vegas

Vegas, walked the strip,laughed really hard, had sore feet, exnae on heals next time, got hit on by nasties, gave someone a fake number and ran away, and decided I'm so very grateful that i live in a place i feel safe! driving off the strip into down town Las Vegas we were a bit fearful that every one in a black hood is either
 A) a gangster
B) a thug or
C) a gang banger,
but all in all it was a very eventful... fun trip!
breanna, meranda, me
Mr Bam Bam
i think Michael Jackson is still alive and just staged his death...
Oh my gosh ! HOLLY MADISON if me and meranda could have seen her, it would have made our lives complete.
some day that will be the REAL deal Eiffel tower !
and i was in love with this chandelier, i wanted to rip it out of the ceiling and take it home with me while me and Jared slept in the front of hollister for hours waiting, and waiting,,, and waiting!!
Caesars palace? or the Belagio, cant remember we were lost in a maze of casinos, but the ceiling was way cool, and I'm in love with Celine Deon.
yay Vegas, next time no boy friends and girlfriends coming who fight the whole time and ruin our plans , good thing me and Meranda had each other!