Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quote for today~

I have been doubting and over thinking alot of things lately,
 and then i stumbled across this quote.
Thanks to whoever is helping me out up there.

Our Doubts are Traitiors,
   And makes us lose the good          
We might oft win,
        By fearing to attempt.

-William Shakespeare

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Packaged Deal..

A packaged deal me and Maddie.I have been missing my sister a ton.
though we fight, quite often, she is also my strong shoulder to hold me up and support me no matter what. She is the one person that knows exactly how to make me cry,and she does it well.
but also is the one person who can read me the best and truly knows how to make me feel better.
she always makes me laugh so hard i almost pee my pants (but she is the one who usually does the peeing) .
She is my best friend.
school has put us at a distance and its making me miss my Maddie.

I miss the summer days when we played with chalk all day, and would swing to our little hearts content.
my dance team buddy. we have always been on the same team from day one. the sweat the nerves and all the tears.
embarrassing her at school. as always
i convinced her to stuff kicks in our  mouth and then play the ugly game. 
the ugly game in fact is her favorite game... because it seems were always playing it...
on our cruise.. even in the airport..
don't even ask what were doing here because i don't really know.
I'm so 'cited' for our cruise again. last years was the best.
i love that she pretends to put on deodorant,
 just so we will take a picture of her 'doing something' 
and we ate snails... ew 
love you sis.
camping then..
and camping now..
we always managed to find some sort of trouble.
something about us just always screamed guilty.. 
maybe its because we always were!
So glad you got better. I don't know what I would have done without you. 
and then along came Jordi. 
 boy was she in for some trouble. with the two of us leading her into life
Somehow we all managed to turn out OK [:
i love my sisters so much. and i don't know what my life would be life without them. I'm so excited to be done with school in 2 weeks and then we leave on our cruise in 3 ya [:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Army of Heaven.

(the Salt Lake Temple is the most special to me, its where me and my family were sealed together for eternity)

This general conference with still one more session to go and i feel so overwhelmed with the spirit, what profound messages were spoken today, and with a knowledge of this church.
The prophets message today touched my heart, and when he smiled, it was the warmest smile, i have ever seen and made me want to laugh and cry, tears of happiness, his smile was comforting and genuine, and i know for a fact this man is called of god.

I have such a special love of our temples, not only are they a beacon of our testimonies, but i want to visit every single one, with a new temple now going up in Rome Italy,
but what enormously touched me this afternoon was the closing song, my whole body was consumed with goosebumps and i teared up, listening to the incredible words of this song,
My journal entry states:

WE are the army of heaven. our church is growing at such an incredible rate, all of the saints, in that building, I'm one of the saints, we will make it. watching them sing, the armies of heaven their gathered in that conference room and we are here all over the world. my brothers and sisters, were going to make it. we have to. its so important and those on the other side are waiting for us! This IS the true gospel, i can feel it and i know it with all my heart, the holy ghost is here with me, i know this is the truth, the true church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I have a testimony of this church.

i hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday