Saturday, January 14, 2012


i have been missing in action for basically an entire semester. its just been overwhelming with school and life, and my life gets pretty dramatic, maybe i just see it that way.

But on the flip side! i auditioned for The Odyssey, and after acting like a Lion, Siren, Pig, and Wind Storm... (literally), getting a body evaluation, talk about making kids self conscious.. and then a cold reading i made the show! I'm Penelope! weirdest audition i have ever done.. but i guess I'm a lioness as they said!
i got asked to perform at KCACTF with Bryant, but he has been like acting forever and i feel like everyone going is so experienced and I'm just a dumb little newbie but it will be a good experience! ... hopefully.

also my toilet was clogged thank you roommate (you disgusting animal)... but is no longer.. thank you old man.. for having the most vile job on the planet, so sorry your eyes had to see that.. and though winter never came. its beginning to feel like spring and its warm and that makes me happy! new semester! new start! now if only i could get the boys in my life to work the way i want them too.. why must this be such a complicated task!