Sunday, December 4, 2011

No one should have to feel this way.

No one
 should have to feel this way,
this is why im working toward the proffession i am.
 i want to help people,
everyone needs to just be loved.
i cried right along with this little boy.
make someone  feel better today,
not worse.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

No november posts?

 That's so sad, i didn't realize how long it has been since i have updated.
 i guess life's not currently the most interesting...
 only 6 more days of school that's exciting! 
 then 4  days of finals! thanksgiving was EXCELLENT as was Halloween which i got to spend with my cute cousins and family !

This Thanksgiving I'm very grateful for...

my mom and the love she shows me

my grandmother and the time we spend together

my sisters and the friends were becoming

my country

my body, healthy strong and able

when my stomach tells me I'm full but i still have pie to eat

my talents

my gospel

my testimony



endless opportunities

I'm grateful for my life.

Happy December first!!
make this month the most joyful
and give love and blessings
to all who surround you.

 do this face chelc... close... 

 my pooh bear trick or treat buddy !