Monday, October 25, 2010

California Girl

Going to the beach consists of..
[Gaigey boy, who i love, he found a puddle just his size.]
[my chelsiekins who i love so stinkin much.] 
we were walking by the edge of the rocks, and we got attacked by a huge wave, we both were drenched!
[and the cousins family pictures]
so many good memories made every time we visit.
I miss being around all my cousins, there is something about being with them that makes me feel like i can do anything. Im unconditionally loved, and I'm me, that's all anyone expects me to be, and I'm content.
I miss the Humidity, weird i know, it does wonders for my skin though, I miss the smell of laundry that's there.
Mostly i miss the feeling of euphoria vacation brings, no worries, all fun.
One day, ill live on the beach.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reading Spree

Leave it to me to not post for ten days ! ugh.
I have been on a definite reading spree,
8 books, two months, with school on top of it and work, what can i say ? I'm a nerd.
this week i finished:
Fallout, the last trilogy to crank and glass. so good.. addiction is so harmful,
Hunger games! amazing couldn't put it down.
Anyone who hasn't read it.. read it !!

This school year i finished:
Eat Pray love (twice)
Before i fall
When the bough Breaks
How to ruin your life by forty
Hunger Games

now I'm starting the sequel to hunger games, and the miracle of forgiveness.
"the more you read the more you know, the more you know The more places you'll go"
Guess ill be headed alot of places with a lot of knowledge by the end of this year,
my dream is that one day ill have my own library full of thousands of books that i have read.
ill post soon about Disney and the Wedding.
I'm so stoked to get married, i want my day where i am the princess[:
wonderful week to everyone.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scary, Awesome, Radical Weekend

e  v  e  r  !
is "funnest" a word? 
Got to spend the whole weekend with
My Maddie[:

Weekend Check list
4 A.M bed time
Dixie  -  Rock
Body bruised beyond belief
C  A  V  I  N G
New Friends [:
Glow   Sticking
Quarters  (w/aqua)
ScArY   MoViEs
      (W E W ...)
a Real haunted town
never  been  so scared
I  N       M Y        L I F E 
Maybe  this  will explain why.
there is a post out side the gate with
8 video cameras facing EVERY direction.
the sign out side the gate,    reads: 
"24 hour video surveillance due to paranormal activity"
went in the dirt mound cemetery 
inside the attic of the haunted
house, started to cry
 maybe even peed
a little.
A.) get glow sticks
B.) go two miles under the earth
C.)Throw glow matter all over the walls
D.) Cover yourself and everyone else with glow matter
E.) Lay on the ground,
     Scale the wall,
     Sit by a rock,
     any way you do it. your hidden completely,
     "in cognito",
      because its Pitch black, and you and the rock walls are speckled. HOLY fun!
F.) get stepped on because, you were laying on the ground, and someone thought you were a rock.
G.) climb out of the claustrophobic cave, while bruising the majority of your body.
WE all looked stoked huh ? [:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Struck by Insight

Ive been on a reading spree lately,
 its my only way to ESCAPE st George.
this week i read "when the bough breaks" i started it last year and didn't finish,
so i started it over, as i was reading i realized that a year ago it didn't mean anything, but when i picked it up this time, i was reading about me..
it was basically my story, laid out in front of me, and it gave me so much insight.
Today was also conference, it was different this year though, because i chose to watch, i wasn't just doing it because my mom made me. 
 i loved it,
 Our prophet is truly incredible might i just say.
I loved the second session yesterday, elder Gong's talk, and the second session today, I cant remember all the elders names who spoke but the talk about "addiction", the talk to "parents of teenagers" and elder Bednars talk.
 I don't want to choose favorites but (he is my favorite [:).
 Today I was taught I can call on the savior whenever I need him,
 if I'm doing what he asks, he will do what I ask in return.
and the devil has no power over me.
 if i stand by Christ in all times, he will and always has stood by me, 
my testimony was strengthened today and everything just became so clear.
 truly and insightful day. 
I hope yours was too