Thursday, December 23, 2010


Its about time i
said something about Bos.
im pretty sure I mentioned once,
 im doing Big Brothers Big Sisters,
 I was instantly matched once in the program,
my "little" little sister her name is Boston, she is ten,
super talketive, and her favorite thing to say is. "thats odd"
we have been together for almost 4 months now.
 we just got our pictures so im posting them!
i never have to talk when were together..
which is a change for me,
because i talk...
i guess i found my competition,
and she is winning[;

Sunday, December 12, 2010


 I probably have expressed this way to many times, but i seriously am in love
with the show
 i just finished the entire first season for yes the second time,
which again, yes i have on dvd.
it makes me cry and smile and laugh, i get chills every episode i watch !
the music is incredible and the people are incredible, loving others is so important and I LOVE THIS SHOW.

 it says it all, life is about having fun and LIVING. so lets live...
Im going to change the world.
I wont follow my dreams, ill chase my dreams,
who's with me ?

what are some of your dreams?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Awards

Thank you so much to those of you who have given me awards,
 The award im giving is:

Inspirational Writer Blog Award:
1.) Brooke ""
2.) Rachel ""
3.) Maddie ""

These 3 blogs have so much heart behind them, their blogs are awesome, and they themselves are pretty neat as well!
thanks you guys your incredible.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Disney Days photography..

There not the best
 I didn't have much time to focus too hard on taking a good picture !
but I do love taking pictures,
too many probably.
 they create the best memories,
and they are just fun to have.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Disney Days.. 3&4

Another early morning in the park.
the family. 


this dad with his little girl were so stinkin cute.
 i fell in love with them, we stood in line behind them for about 40 minutes. 
 Mr toads wild ride with the Chelsie and Jordi
 cute cousins [:
 my sisters and me on jungle cruise
 and it was POURING rain...
 attempt one, cover kensies face, [FAIL]
attempt 2... accomplished !
 again pouring rain,
i guess some people would say were to cheap to buy rain ponchos,
 but i say, were just to AWESOME[:
 toy story with the Gav.
way AWESOME ride.
my score again won,, what can i say ? I'm just way Awesome.
 like the 12th time on screamin, can you say headache?
 4th time on tower of TERROR [favorite]
 i think i just love screaming
 the end, so sad, i hate the last day of vacation, because you know you have to go back home and it sucks.. but either way it was a really incredible trip ! we all needed a break, and we had so much fun !

the drive home was killer long, and it was about 3 in the morning so when i got dropped off in st George, my family just spent the night on my bedroom floor so they could sleep and then finish the drive.

will be posting my
 photography from Disney

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DisneyLand. Day 1&2

Although this is long overdue ...
we went to California, for my great aunts wedding and then to go to Disneyland with the cousins,
our trip was awesome,
(according to a friend , I'm the only person on the planet who still says awesome.. does no one else say that ? is it a thing of the past now? whats the new phrase..? oh "that's tight" alright well i guess I'm old fashioned... but i still love the word AWESOME!)
now that that little tangent is over, back to the vacation.
Disney Land
Day 1 :
park at 9, go to Indiana, splash (might i add this is the 1st year i didn't cry or wet myself, and considering we go to Disney every year... that's a big step for me), haunted mansion (totally re done for Halloween, freakin awesome), thunder mountain, churros, do a little skipping, then stay at the park till midnight with the sister Maddie, and chase the cousin.
don't know the people in the front... but that kid just looks a little too happy for being on splash mountain.

Day 2:

Another early morning, drag the cousin out of bed, wait in some lines, take some pictures, make some faces, space mountain is awesome. eat some lunch. laugh some what hard, take some more pictures, and some more... and some more.
7. am.
 me and kens on space
 my score, killed everyone else's score
 cosmic commando, that's me
 soarin over California, [Favorite]
 we were acting scared
 ya that one in the middle in back all alone, that's me,, everyone ditched me with no one but myself to hold onto... rude!! plus i was screaming really loud so they went deaf and I'm sure that added to the whole "lets ditch Taylor on tower of terror gig"
 "where hehe meets haha" loved it
 love this boy, i wish i was skinny enough to squish behind a garbage can ha.
 I'm pretty sure we went on screamin one too many times.
 my sweet chelsiekins had a nap...
 and Gaigey boy had a tantrum...
 it was pouring rain
so we skated on it.

Chelsie laughed...
 & Gaige pooped ...
 its a small world [favorite]
 he finally said my name!
 of course we had to wait in line for 2 HOURS !! to see mickey.
 Gavin boy, best bud the whole trip, except when he picked his nose and held my hand...

next post will include days 3 & 4,
there is just way to many pictures for one post!
keep smiling!
 happy Tuesday