Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Im back !!

loving this quote,

"If you WANT something you've never had, you have to DO something you've never done"

Ill post about the cruise soon!
im so tan!
and missing the warm weather already.
Can i pout please until i get back to the beach.

have a wonderful week [:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Confused..Frustrated..Leave it behind.

ya me too,
my brain and my life feel like this picture looks.

Off too the Caribbean tonight,

 [Friday the 13th in an airplane? bit sketched, oh well if i die i guess it'll be quick. I have zero objections.]

 Hopefully it'll be a nice release of all the thoughts and emotions I'm feeling right now that are so complicated and seem like just too much for me to handle.

It will all work out the way its supposed to i know.. life will, and all the things I'm thinking about, and am confused as heck about will work out, i just cant see it right now, and i know me, i tend to give up the things i want most for the things i want now,, and i cant do that right now, there is just too much.

 but I'm done feeling sad, and crying, i need to focus on exactly whats at hand, and right now its the cruise!
then Thailand

 Im going to eat and bake in the sun and play in the water,

"you gotta leave all your lovin, your longin, behind, you cant carry it with you if you want to survive".
it'll all work out, so lets be optimistic, shall we..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summers Must See's

My favorite movies this year..
Soul Surfer
Incredible story, pretty sure i cried, and it made me remember that someone always has it worse than me. " I don't need easy i just need possible
I loved it.
 Bethany Hamilton is such and amazing example and strong determined girl.
plus now i wish i could surf.

Water for Elephants
I cried 3 times during this movie, and now I'm pretty sure your thinking I'm a boob, but I'm not i promise, it was just really good, plus i love animals.
and Reese Witherspoon is so amazing and beautiful.
definitely a major role model,
but besides that the movie was just incredible!

Such good stories and life lessons, their just "make you feel good" movies, and I love getting out of my life for a little bit and being able to totally immerse my self into somebody else's story.

my life...
 has no meaning right now,
so why not watch movies for hours on end? 
I realize i need to be doing something all the time
or at least feeling needed or being thought about all the time,
otherwise... i feel like this..
totally bored.
Happy Summer Days[:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Taylor's Rules, or Guidelines, or Whatever.

1. Only 1 treat a week. ONE.
2. No eating after 7:00.
3. Only weigh once a week.
4. No more talk or obsessing about boys.
5. No more swearing.
6. Positive affirmations must be said every morning.
7. Scriptures and prayers every morning and night.
8. No more back biting, judging, or talking bad.
9. Aim for a healthy goal weight not an impossible one.
10. Set a new goal every week.
11. Don’t obsess or over think everything.
12. 1 hour of cardio 5 days a week, no exceptions.
13. Facebook only ONCE a day. Final.
14. spend tons of time in St George.
(if i think of anymore ill add them.)

these are the rules I'm living by starting this summer, because i don't want to obsess over my weight all summer, nor do i want to gain weight this summer, nor do i want to be stressed this summer, nor do i want to spend the whole summer on face book, and i DONT want anxiety this summer, and i feel like I'm 3 days into summer and my anxiety is already through the roof! holy. i need to calm down breathe and believe everything will work out the way that its supposed to.

finals :
        Nutrition- B+
Thursday me and Grace got our hair done, and we decided, were divas, because we deserve to be, and clarification to anyone who wants to know, there is a huge difference between Diva and Bitch.

Friday, me and My roomie Lexie, got glitter toes, got our eye brows waxed,
 I went to graduation with Hannah, and got really sad, because once again, i had to say bye to people, its not fair i just met all these amazing people and now i have to say bye to them, A) cuz I'm going home, and B) because their old and graduating! and then i packed up and drove home, it was the fastest 4 hours from st George to home i have driven, maybe its because i was thinking so much.. and then yesterday, Saturday i spent the entire day literally from 7:30 A.M to 8:23 P.M at Lagoon Dance Competition, i love dance i have competed forever, but now that I'm not dancing, nor competing being there all day doing nothing, sucked, bad. and i had really bad anxiety the whole time ugh.

On a good note: I stopped biting my nails! and they are so pretty!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gahh!! &Trojan Women

[the cast]
SO much to write about!
 OK so our show Trojan Women opened and then closed, [sad day]
 i met the most amazing people in the whole world and had the best time i have had this whole year just with the show.
the pictures explain themselves,
 I made everyone take a bunch of pictures,
because I'm a freak hahah this one is
 1st grade school pictures [:
back left: Jacob, GRACE, ME, ALEX, Tamsy.
front left: Keely and Bill.

[The 7 Dwarfs ]
 Totally bored
[circumstance] you pooped your pants on a date..
 And of course we had to do a jump pic [:
Finals are THIS week kill me.
oh and i have to stop saying "I'm gonna shoot myself" because i guess I'm offending people who know people who have killed themselves.. oops.
 I feel bad,
except not really because i don't mean it when i say it..
 i mean i do feel bad that they know people who died,, but not that I'm being serious, OK never mind.
On another note
My ["best friend"] is an A-hole, [Drake] enough said.
but i have new best friends so it doesn't matter! [:
[Me and Hannah, "sun bag"]
Helen and Andromache
 [Me and Zoe]
she helped me with literally EVERYTHING,
 including taping my boobs into that dress lol
[Me and Alex, i love him so much [:! ]
We went to Vegas yesterday, my roommates, and they drug me on the Big shot! on top of the freaking stratosphere, i almost died and it was the most horribly scary thing in the whole world!!!
 but I'm not dead [: and we laugh alot, and they call me a creep which i do deserve most the time, but sometimes it gets old.
[Me and Amy, i love Paris!]
Wish me luck on finals,
I have already Aced two!
So thats a good start,
Knock on wood [: