Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Valor Day 2:

Today is Monday, and we basically layed out, from 10 a.m until 4 p.m,

we swam a little bit, and went on the water slide and just played and laughed all stinkin day!
that's what happens when you have all girls!!

we all got pretty tan! me exclusively, i did get a little burn though, owe.

Cute Sisters!    

 My wonderful Mama[:

 We ran into Josip when we were on our way to dinner. who we actually met on the Splendor last year in Long Beach CA, what are the chances that he has already been on two other ships in between now and then, and we now run into him, a year later across the country in Miami! CRAZY! anyhow he is great!

This years picture with Josip!
 these three are last years! we have all grown up so much!
 I love this guy!
after our reunion! we went to dinner! and then to the comedy club! and we laughed so hard!
"so these water slides that you cross your arms in front of you, and then you go flying straight down like a 1000 foot drop!  its no water slide, its a 95 MPH enema"
"child crack" and "I'm going to jail, i am going to Jail".

 amazing chilled strawberry soup, and my Mexican, rice and veggies, with a big vegetarian tamale, i wasn't the biggest fan, but it helped me save room for desert, and my caramel apple tort.
Comedy Club
 Maddie is a CornDog, not a hot dog in a corn breading, but like a corny person, and then a dog, mixed together thus...
 I do love her very much though.

 Tomorrow is our first day at port! the Cayman Islands!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Valor day 1:

SO i basically feel as if i have fallen off the face of the earth, but sadly enough, i haven't.

as for our cruise this year, it consisted of: red eyes, morphed weekends. way too much food. plenty of sun, nice tan lines, salt water, much laughter, and the the common vacation followed dread of knowing you gained weight, and knowing you have to go back home, to life, and stress, and you cant just lay out and listen to Jamaican music all day, for the rest of your life, though i wish i could.

so before the trip i got:
New hair and new shoes

and the Vaca begins.

Headed to Georgia, at 12 a.m Saturday morning
I felt really bad for the people sitting within 20 feet of us.
I now want to move to Atlanta Georgia,
My reasoning:
A.) it was SO green and pretty,
B.) there was SO much diversity.

Saturday was long and confusing, considering we landed in in Georgia at 4:00 a.m then got on another plane at 6:00 a.m headed to Miami, and then got in around 8. We then went to the hotel
and slept. and slept. and slept.
and somehow it turned into Sunday and we boarded our ship the Carnival, Valor.
we instantly ate.
i know it looks like disgusting amounts of food..
and that's because it is. but i can assure you i didn't eat it all.

 The Carnival glory was docked behind us, which is the ship we went on in 2006!
my favorite so far will always be the Carnival Splendor though, which was last years.
The whole interior was pink!
And the beautiful Miami Bay, Departure!
All the girls.
and then our 5 course dinner,
Mom and J she is growing up so fast! they are both so beautiful.
I took pictures of all my food!
A.) because i was trying something new every night, something i would never normally try. why not? take a crazy chance.
 yes i know those were lyrics to a Hilary Duff song... but it was a swell innuendo.
 B.) because i like taking pictures.
So here is my Indian dinner, tofu sauce, beans some pitta bread thing with vegetables in it, a salsa, and some chip bread paper type idea. and of course the most beautiful thing on Gods Green Earth, CHOCOLATE MELTING CAKE.

and in the process of digesting all this food. we explored the ship.
followed by a dance show.
and it will forever be my goal to dance on a ship one day[: