Sunday, December 4, 2011

No one should have to feel this way.

No one
 should have to feel this way,
this is why im working toward the proffession i am.
 i want to help people,
everyone needs to just be loved.
i cried right along with this little boy.
make someone  feel better today,
not worse.


  1. That video is so upsetting, cried the first time I saw it as well! I really like this post, good message to get out! xox

  2. oh girl, thank you for sharing this.

    i couldn't help but cry with him, too, and with the thought that there are so many who feel that way.

    i'm so glad there are people like you who are learning to help them professionally. and i am trying to figure out a way to help them through my talents, as well.

    everyone is important. and everyone deserves to be loved.

    thanks so much for that reminder, especially this season.