Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back in the game..

I used to blog all the time,
it was my outlet, and over the past two years I seemed to have given it up.
but I love writing, it helps give me a voice when there is no one to talk to.
So I have decided to start writing again, ill probably have zero followers and no one here to listen, but it doesn't matter because this is for me, its what makes me happy. and Im excited!

SOOO my next post will be a recap I suppose of the last year, where I was inactive, since I turned 20 was  my last post.. and Im now 6 months away from 22 yikes!! that's old!


  1. ahHA! i have a reeeeally similar story, and just recently started again. i was just thinking the same thing, and looking back through some old posts and noticed a comment from you. serendipitous! let us blog again. if no one reads you're right; we'll write for ourselves. :)

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  3. Hey dear! I remember us reading one anothers blogs when we were both more active here. I think you should continue to write, it is an excellent outlet! I am going to get back into the blogging game...I've missed it!